Thursday, September 30, 2021

How to Ace an Exam Without Studying the Night Before

 We all have pulled an all-nighter preparing for a test the next day at some time in our lives. Whether we forgot about the exam, or we procrastinated on studying until the last minute, we all have experienced the horror of having to cram study materials the night before a test. If you worry about forgetting to study for a proctored exam, worry not! Here are some study techniques to help you ace an exam without having to study the night before. 

  • Handwrite your notes 

Because most individuals write considerably slower than they type, handwriting your notes may appear to be too much of a hassle. However, according to popular research, people who jot down their notes by hand are better at retaining their notes than those who typeWhen you take notes on a laptop or tablet, you are more inclined to just type down what you hear or see instead of processing it. Because writing takes more time, people prefer to summarize and just write down essential aspects of the lecture. For that reason, you are unconsciously comprehending the content as you write by summarizing. 

  • Review your materials after class 

After class, set aside some time to check your notes and teaching materials. If handwriting your notes in class does not appeal to you, this could be a good opportunity to move your notes from your laptop or tablet to a notebook. Rewrite and reread your notes for 30 minutes to an hour, and be sure to ask a classmate or your instructor any questions you may have. It has been proven that studying a small number of things in a short amount of time is impractical since your brain cannot process too much information at once. It is also possible that you will forget things you studied throughout the exam as a result of this. Your brain can absorb information more efficiently if you study your notes on a regular basis. 

  • Practice makes perfect  

It is critical to keep practicing if you are studying for an exam that demands practical knowledge. Simply remembering formulas and codes would not be enough for a math or programming exam. When compared to memorizing, repetitive practice will help you understand the information far better. Like the previous tip, make sure you practice and solve a few practice questions from class. It is also a good idea to look for practice questions online because you never know similar questions could appear on your test. 

  • Make a summary of notes to review right before the exam 

If you are still not sure if you are prepared for a test, make a document with important terms and summaries of the exam topic. Using various coloured texts also helps in the association of those colours with specific portions of the content, which could ultimately help you recollect information more easily during the exam. This trick is especially valuable when taking exams through proctoring services, where time is of the essence. Use this summary sheet to review right before a test to jog your memory of everything you have learned so far, and you should be good to go! 

With studying, it is essential that you understand instead of memorize, and these tips will help you achieve that goal. Remember to always study smarter, not harder. Now, you are ready to book an exam with ATS. Good luck! 

Written by Jaxine Kurniawan

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